Vendor Invoice Management

Accelerate invoice processing by up to 90% with cutting-edge automation. Boost productivity and unlock cost savings with built-in safeguards.

Summit Vendor Invoice Managementa

Transform your AP workflow

Streamline processes with smart scanning, software integrations, and customisable approval workflows to reduce errors and manual labour.

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End scattered approvals

Centralise all invoice info in real-time. Automate routing and monitor approvals on a single platform.
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Reduce cost and errors

Cut costly manual errors. Automate entire process from bill creation to approval and reconciliation.
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Lighten mental load

Get alerts for policy violations and budget breaches. Detect unapproved or duplicate invoices effortlessly.
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Summit automated AP approval workflows

Scalable approval workflow

Summit ensures instant notifications and directs approvals to the right stakeholders, regardless of policy complexity.
AI-powered efficiency

Smart efficient tools

Boost efficiency and accuracy by processing more bills faster with our drag-and-drop bulk upload, file import, and AI-powered scanning features.
Summit Smart efficient tools to boost efficiency and accuracy
Seamless expense tracking

Streamline payment run

Centralise and automate payment run process. Allocate invoices based on due dates. Easily track statuses without disrupting your work to find info.
Summit streamlined payment run process
Real Time Insights

Real-time data and forecasting

Gain instant payment cycle insights, real-time transaction data, and integrate with accounting software for quicker book closure.
Summit real-time data and forecasting to gain instant payment cycle insights

Our integration partners

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  • quickbooks
  • oracle netsuite_
  • freshbooks
  • clearbooks
  • sage
  • zoho
  • microsoft
  • myob
  • xero logo
  • quickbooks
  • oracle netsuite_
  • freshbooks
  • clearbooks
  • sage
  • zoho
  • microsoft
  • myob


Frequently asked questions about Summit's Vendor Invoice Management Software.
How does Summit automate accounts payable processes?
Finance teams can upload invoices, and our software automatically creates bills and allocates them by due date. Approvals are streamlined and routed to the right approvers based on company policy, reducing mental load and tracking.
Can Summit integrate with existing accounting systems?
Yes, our solution seamlessly integrates with various accounting software and ERP systems, ensuring smooth data flow, eliminating manual data entry, and reducing errors.
How does Summit ensure the security of sensitive financial data within its Vendor Spend Management platform?
Summit is ISO27001 certified and employs top-tier security measures, including encryption, access controls, regular audits, and compliance with data protection regulations, to safeguard your financial data.
Does Summit offer customisable reporting and analytics capabilities?
Absolutely, our software provides customisable reporting and analytics, giving you insights into spending patterns, tracking key performance indicators, and enabling data-driven decisions.
What types of businesses can benefit from using Summit's Vendor Spend Management solution?
Our solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries aiming to streamline accounts payable, improve efficiency reduce costs, and gain better control and visibility over vendor invoices. 

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